The run is not possible without the help of volunteers. Every year dozens of people are involved in the organization, judging positions and all kinds of tasks. They always make the run a spectacle. We are also looking for you!

You can participate in various tasks, for example as an obstacle jury, EHBO, traffic controller, inspector at the t-shirt distribution or in the construction and dismantling of the obstacles.

You will receive clear instructions for each task so that you know what is expected of you as soon as the first participants start. Even if you are not very familiar with the sport, it is very nice to stand at the obstacle as a jury.

Because the volunteers are essential for the run, they are well looked after on the day itself. Lunch is distributed in the morning, tea and coffee is served and a hot snack is ready after the run. Both the organization and the participants will thank you!

Do you also want to be part of this event? Then sign up as a volunteer now!