Participant Information

The Utrecht Survivalrun will be on April 21. A survivalrun consists of a combination of both running and climbing in ropes, nets and beams. You will also go canoeing and archery. So make sure you are fit at the start.

Make sure to check your start time and number in advance, which you can find here. Try to be there about an hour before you have to start, so you have enough time to register, get your shirt, change and prepare for the start.

On the day of the competition it is best to wear tight, long pants. Make sure you have sturdy shoes with a lot of grip.
It is also useful to bring clean underwear, shoes and clothes for afterwards, as the clothes you wear during the run will get wet.

It is useful to bring a plastic bag in which you can store your wet sports equipment afterwards.

You will receive a wristband during the run. Make sure you put it on firmly and don’t lose it!

We award the prize for the best outfit, so put on your best clothes and win the prize!